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2" Baby(1qty) Philodendron Pink Princess Variegated

2" Baby(1qty) Philodendron Pink Princess Variegated

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Pink Princess' is a slow-growing, hybrid philodendron selection that features colorful, variegated foliage and an upright, vining habit. Mature plants can reach 4' tall or more with a 2' spread. The heart-shaped leaves are dark purplish-green with contrasting pink variegation and can reach up to 8" long and 5" wide. The pink coloration is variable, emerging as large splotches, small streaks, or occasionally an entire leaf. The typical arum-type inflorescences are rarely produced by houseplants but consist of a purple-red spathe surrounding a white spadix.

Water level: Keep plant highly moist and with higher humidity environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant on a higher humidity level).

Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month)


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