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4" Chameadorea Bamboo palm

4" Chameadorea Bamboo palm

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The name of this palm is often used for several different palms, but they all have the distinctive appearance of bamboo.

These chamadoreas grow slowly with a clumping and sprawling habit. It produces short, graceful fronds and attractive upright stems that look like slender bamboo canes.
This decorative palm is rightly popular as both an indoor and outdoor plant, and grows well directly in the ground, in outdoor pots, and indoors.
This plant loves shade, lots of water, and can tolerate fairly low temperatures, making it an ideal plant for many settings, including homes, offices, shopping malls, and sheltered garden areas.
The bamboo palm is an especially good choice for a houseplant, not only because it is very attractive and undemanding in terms of care.


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