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4" Live plant Alocasia - Yellow Variegated Silver Dragon

4" Live plant Alocasia - Yellow Variegated Silver Dragon

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Alocasia Silver Dragon <<<<<< VARIEGATED>>>>> is one of the rarest plant you can find in the SE Asia region in the deep rain forest.

But here is our <<< 4"Live plant Alocasia <<< Yellow Variegated Silver Dragon 1 : Millions >>>> *RARE COLLECTIBLES* that you can own this here. After all this past year in the tropical industry, we finally come across this odd looking one with 62% Yellow variegation.
<<<< ATTENTION Buyer >>>> these pictures are what is shown as a actual plant, please send us any request if more pictures needed.

3 out of 4 leaves were shown with yellow Variegation...
Its leaves started its light silver green to Variegated Yellow Silver green color finishes.
Overall shows 62% yellow variegated color.
This particular 4" live plant comes with 2 tiny leaves edge burn. (Overall a good healthy plant)

All Alocasia grow in tropical forests in the mostly heavier shaded environment therefore is most recommended to be place under lower light and not be given direct sunlight. (Plant will be shipped with some loose soil mix in 4" pot.)
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