""We do not ship to California""Aglaonema Red Vein, also known as Chinese Evergreen Red Vein, is a sought-after houseplant with beautiful, soft red brushstroke veins throughout the leaf. It has longer, narrower leaves and shorter stems than most other Aglaonemas. It is a fairly hardy tropical plant that can withstand most light and watering conditions. Prefers bright indirect light but can adapt to low light conditions. Aglaonema Red Vein is a stunning houseplant that will add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to any room.

Plant Care:
Lighting: Avoid direct sunlight
Watering: Watering is done when the planting medium looks dry, it may only need to be watered 1x/day or every 2-3 days
Cleaning: Clean plant leaves from dust and stains with clean water.
Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month)


All plants ship in 2” growers pots, and please keep in mind all plants look different than other, it can be color, shapes, size, variegation color or heights. These are live perishable plants and they do have certain shelve life depending on its variety.

### FOR CLAIMS ###
We are not responsible for any plant sever damaged during the postage handling, please inspect your purchase upon arrival and reply us within 48 hours of receiving the plant. We require Pictures and description of the issue or claims to be made.

We are more than happy to ship internationally however there will be a risk involve and we will not reliable for any damage plants or setback on these plants.

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