Picture of the 6" Florida Ghost is the exact plant you will receive.

The Philodendron Florida ghost mint is an evergreen hybrid and it's a vine climber. The temperature will also determine the color of its leaves. The cooler temperature will cause it to be more white. As they get a bit older, they turn a pretty yellow-green.

The Philodendron Florida Ghost also known as Philodendron Pedatum is an affordable “rare” Philodendron that is easily attainable. Its easy care and dramatic foliage make this the perfect gateway aroid for beginners. This plant is actually a hybrid within the family Araceae and the genus Philodendron, but no one can say exactly where they come from; one of the parent plants is the Philodendron Squamiferum. However, unlike their parent plant, Philodendron Florida Ghost leaves can get absolutely huge. The unique pale white leaves draw plant lovers’ attention as the leaf shape resembles little flying ghosts- which is kind of cool!!

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