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2" Baby Plant/4"/6" Calathea Medallion

2" Baby Plant/4"/6" Calathea Medallion

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Calathea Medallion AKA Calathea veitchiana is arguably one of the most beautiful low-light plants. They are pretty popular to plant enthusiasts because of their large, "medallion"-like leaves: a brilliant green pattern on top, and a deep burgundy underneath.

Calatheas can be fussy and dramatic if they don’t get the proper care, but most people shouldn’t really have many issues with growing Calathea Medallion variety. This one is one of the easiest to grow. You need to know what these plants like, forgive the occasional dry tip, and you will have a gorgeous and happy plant.

Light Level: Partial morning sun to afternoon shade. Re commanded an indoor light level environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant on a higher humidity level). Therefore leaves will not show any tip burns.
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