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2" Baby Plant/4"/6" Calathea Whitestar

2" Baby Plant/4"/6" Calathea Whitestar

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We are showing these 4"/6" Fully grown Calathea Whitestar, we have only limited amount at this point and this our Top 3 Calathea collections.
This Calatha Whitestar has fully grown rooted, ready for report into a 6" or a 8" pot size. It shows decorative light pinkish to white stripe on leaves, it almost identical to Calathea Vittata or almost similar to Calathea Ornata pink stripe. But a much more prettier plant.
These Calathea Whitestar's leaves show off the attractive value of the uniqueness, this cultivars have very different leaf colors and almost to pink to white grain stripes, the colors range from leaves to leaves.

(The plant pictured may varies and these are not an exact plant you will be receiving. They will have at least 5 leaves or more in a pot.)

Water level: Keep plant highly moist and with higher humidity environment.

Light Level: Partial morning sun to afternoon shade. Re commanded an indoor light level environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant on a higher humidity level). Therefore leaves will not show any tip burns.

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