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2" Baby plant/4" Alocasia Ninja

2" Baby plant/4" Alocasia Ninja

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4" Alocasia Ninja <<<< New RARE FIND Collection>>>> is another hybrid of Alocasia Black Velvet, it almost similarity to Black Velvet however in the close up look, it shows vibrate in Darker Black Velvet color and rounder leave. Its silvery leaves veins shows a thicker wider line color compare to Alocasia Black Velvet.
If you were to see this plant in person, it is more attractive than the cousin Black Velvet. <<<<<<< A must have collection>>>>>>

Water level: Keep plant highly moist and with higher humidity environment.

Light Level: Partial morning sun to afternoon shade. Re commanded an indoor light level environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant on a higher humidity level). Therefore leaves will not show any tip burns.


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