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2" Baby Plant/4" Syngonium 'Batik'

2" Baby Plant/4" Syngonium 'Batik'

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Syngonium podophyllum 'Batik' gets its name from an Indonesian method of dying cloth with wax. It was green arrowhead shaped leaves adorned with a lace-like pattern of yellow veins. This plant is easy to care for and a vigorous grower.

Syngonium 'Batik' is an interesting cultivar with intricate white veining against a rich green leaf. The name 'Batik' refers to its similarity to the traditional wax resist fabric dyeing technique used in Indonesia, which produces some of the most beautiful garments.

Syngonium is a genus in the Araceae family, commonly known as the Aroid family. They are easy-care, fast-growing climbers that generally produce arrowhead-shaped leaves before producing lobed leaves in their mature form.


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