Syngonium 'Milk Confetti' is a relatively rare houseplant that needs regular watering to thrive. They do best in moderate sunlight. Syngonium “milk confetti” is a rare tropical vine prized for its beautiful pastel colors with a milky green base color foliage. Found naturally in rainforests in South America this plant thrives under the canopy protection of the trees they climb.

Coming from the Araceae family, the Syngonium Milk Confetti is a rare collector plant that comes in light green foliage speckled with pink variegation, resembling the explosion of confetti.

Sunlight: The Syngonium Milk Confetti thrives in indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water: Allow the surface of the soil to dry up between watering. Underwatering will cause its leaves to droop. Overwatering will cause its leaves to turn yellow; skip a week of watering.

Fertiliser: Feed it with liquid fertilizer at half strength once a month.

Plant Size: (vary in sizes)


All plants ship in 4" growers pots, and please keep in mind all plants look different than other, it can be color, shapes, size, variegation color or heights. These are live perishable plants and they do have certain shelve life depending on its variety.

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