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2" Baby Plant/ 4" Syngonium Wendlanii 'Black Velvet"

2" Baby Plant/ 4" Syngonium Wendlanii 'Black Velvet"

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Syngonium Wendlandii is a rare and fast growing syngonium that has arrowhead shaped leaves are a dark velvet green with a silver line down the middle. As the plant matures it will sometimes lose the silver line down the center of the leaf. It has beautiful deep green colored leaves that look like velvet. The leaves have white veining and sometimes get so dark, they appear to be black.

The photo is just an example, you will get a random plant, size and shape as in the photo (more leaves or less). Of course we will choose the best plants for you, healthy plants are our priority.

The size of the plant can be larger or smaller depending on the available stock.

If you are a novice plant parent, then the Syngonium Wendlandii plants are a smart choice! Not only will they forgive you in times of some benign neglect, the long range of colours and textures of other Syngonium varieties means that you can hoard a fascinating collection of indoor plants according to your style and space.

Water: Allow the surface of the soil to dry up between watering. Underwatering will cause its leaves to droop. Overwatering will cause its leaves to turn yellow; skip a week of watering.

Fertiliser: Feed it with liquid fertilizer at half strength once a month.
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