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2" Baby Plant Alocasia Sanderiana 'Nobilis'

2" Baby Plant Alocasia Sanderiana 'Nobilis'

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The Alocasia Sanderiana Nobilis is also called Alocasia Nobilis. It is a rare and new cultivar that features dark green leaves with three main pointed corners that form a V shape. Although, its leaves are irregular all over. The plant also features very distinctive white veining.

The Alocasia Sanderiana Nobilis prefers high humidity of 60% and higher. And this will allow it to grow faster and produce larger foliage. The leaves will also look lusher and more vibrant if you maintain higher humidity. That said, high humidity is not always ideal for homes. Although keeping it in between 60% and 75% will not do harm.

Water level: Keep plant on a dryer side, would recommend weekly or bi-weekly water.

Light Level: Partial morning sun to afternoon shade. Re commanded an indoor light level environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant away from direct sun). Most suitable interior environment.


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