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2" Baby(1qty) Alocasia "Brancifolia" (Nishihira)

2" Baby(1qty) Alocasia "Brancifolia" (Nishihira)

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The photo of the large plant on the page is an example of what it will look like when it grows.
Alocasia Brancifolia is a very rare Aroid that is relatively new to cultivation. While most Alocasia have heart-shaped leaves, Brancifolia has a palm-shaped fenestration. If you love unique plants, Brancifolia is a must!

Alocasia Brancifolia is native to Papua New Guinea. It was described by Australian botanist Alistair Hay in 1991.

Light: Needs bright but indirect light, as strong full sun will scorch the foliage. ...
Water: Requires regular watering to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. ...
Soil/Nutrition: Well-draining houseplant compost mix, feed monthly in spring and summer.

Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month).


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