The brightly colored and uniquely shaped fronds of the Kangaroo Paw Fern are what makes this popular houseplant a show stopper. Native to Australia the Kangaroo paw fern is known for it's frond shapes. Full grown this fern stays around 12 inches tall but can spread 2-3 ft in width. It is easy to care for, so if you haven't had luck with other ferns this one will work for you. This Australian fern grows long indented leaves with a dark green color and glossy shine. Versatile and adaptable, Kangaroo ferns are suitable for any indoor environment. Care is similar to most other ferns, preferring indirect light and moisture.

Plant Care
• Easy to care house plant, Great for indoor, apartment or office
• Watering: Best to water regularly.
• Lighting: Best to keep indoor, if outdoor place in indirect sun light under Shade.
• Hand picked and shipped direct from our Nursery

Custom Collection

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