Hoya Sunrise is an ornamental plant native to Malaysia. It is a hybrid between Hoya Lacunosa and Hoya Obscura, that came into existance in 1992.

What makes this plant stand out are its dark-green, teardrop-shaped leaves. These leaves turn purple, revealing the red veins that dissect the foliage when exposed to sunlight.
This houseplant loves light. Moreover, it needs plenty of sunlight to show its purple shade.

Therefore, you should put it in a medium to bright spot for at least 6 hours of sunlight.

The best solution would be to place it less than 3 feet from an east-facing or west-facing window. That way, she will get enough gentle direct sunlight without the risks of sunburns.

Keep in mind that growing it in a dark spot will prevent it from reaching its full potential.


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