Ruby Red Spikemoss or Selaginella erythropus Sanguinea is a wonderfully interesting plant. Despite the delicate tropical fern-like appearance, are tough, easy to grow, quite cold hardy and not a fern at all, but does share features with ferns. They have lacy fronds, prefer to grow in moderate shade, and to be planted in fertile, well draining soil, they grow slowly, do not bloom, and adapt easily to being grown as houseplants, or outdoors.

There are many types, with the Ruby Red being one of the lesser known and most prized. The underside of the frond is a brilliant shade of ruby red that contrasts nicely with the olive to bronze green shade of the topside.

The habit is slow, low and spreading, so it is a good choice for most any shaded spot that needs ground cover; lovely as a potted or hanging basket.plant.

Selaginellas are a great way to bring in a bit of the exotic, lush look of tropical plants without the work and worry that is typically needed to successfully grow tropicals outside their recommended Zone range.

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