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Baby Plant/4" Philodendron Golden Crocodile

Baby Plant/4" Philodendron Golden Crocodile

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The color of this Philodendron will brighten up any space. This is an upright Philodendron related to the Ring of Fire. The leaves are lobed and NEON yellow/green.

Philodendron Care:
Temperature: Place in a warm room where temperatures are between 50 and 95 F. (10-35 C.).

Light: This plant is tolerant to most light levels but is happiest in moderate or filtered light. Semi shady areas are fine, but intense sunlight may scorch the leaves.

Water: Water the plant deeply, then allow the top of the soil to become slightly dry before watering again. Never allow the pot to sit in water. Use quality, well-draining potting mix, and a pot with a drainage hole at the bottom.


All plants ship in 4" growers pots, and please keep in mind all plants look different than other, it can be color, shapes, size, variegation color or heights. These are live perishable plants and they do have certain shelve life depending on its variety.

### FOR CLAIMS ###
We are not responsible for any plant sever damaged during the postage handling, please inspect your purchase upon arrival and reply us within 48 hours of receiving the plant. We require Pictures and description of the issue or claims to be made.

We are more than happy to ship internationally however there will be a risk involve and we will not reliable for any damage plants or setback on these plants.

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