The Aglaonema Golden Madonna is also called the Aglaonema Madonna or the Golden Madonna Plant. You'll also see it labeled as the Chinese Evergreen Golden Madonna.

All of these refer to the same beautiful plant.

The Aglaonema Golden Madonna features beautiful variegated leaves with white and yellow patterns curving upwards from the mid vein. These run against a dark or light green leaf background.

Its variegations often remind me of another beautiful patterned Chinese evergreen plant called the Aglaonema Silver Queen. Although, both their patterns look different.

Plant Care:
Lighting: Avoid direct sunlight
Watering: Watering is done when the planting medium looks dry, it may only need to be watered 1x/day or every 2-3 days
Cleaning: Clean plant leaves from dust and stains with clean water.
Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month)

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