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6" Homalomena Selby

6" Homalomena Selby

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One of them is Homalomena Selby. This species is famous for its light to medium green foliage with impressive dark green patterns. Its leathery, oval-shaped leaves grow compactly from the center of the plant, making it attractive as a houseplant.

Praised for its low to moderate light needs, disease resistance, and relative ease of care, Homalomena Selby is an upgrade to your houseplant collection!

Homalomena are used to indirect sunlight in the understory of dense rainforests, so try to mimic this indoors. Homalomena Selby can tolerate low light conditions indoors, but the plant does best in medium indirect light during periods of active growth. Too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to fade or burn.

As a tropical plant, Selby does not like to dry out, so be sure to maintain a regular watering schedule during periods of active growth.
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