This combo includes 4 plants in 2 inch pot.

1 Calathea Fusion White + 1 calathea Rosy + 1 Calathea Makayon + 1 Calathea Ornata

[EXPERTLY PACKAGED] We package and wrap each plant individually with the utmost care. We are very accommodating and receptive. Feel free to message for any issues or requests.

[HEALTHY GUARANTEE] House plants are always healthy and gorgeous and it won't be hard to keep them that way. Our stellar team will help fix any plant issue.

[GIFTABLE] All plants are individually wrapped and Great gift for any plant lover

[EASY TO GROW] All our plants prefer to be in a bright shade (i.e.: not direct sunlight). They grow amazingly indoors and outdoors. The plants are also very low maintenance. Check the CoollectivePlants store to see all these types of plants and more like calatheas, hoyas, philodendrons, alocasias and other wildly unique house plants.

Custom Collection

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