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Starter Alocasia Mystery Box

Starter Alocasia Mystery Box

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Mystery Box?

Who doesn't love a bit of mystery in their life? It is so exciting to open this box and see the incredible variety of baby plants that you have the honor of growing and caring for. This is perfect for someone who has everything or someone just starting out in the hobby. A variety of hand-selected Alocasias based on currently popular plants. Ready to be planted. Some of our boxes can have up to 8 Alocasias according to your choice. No duplicates, and very high-quality plants. Beautiful and well cared for. All boxes have a minimum retail value of $45.00 worth of product, many of our boxes have much more than that.

Alocasia Varieties:
- Alocasia Melo
-Alocasia Silver dragon
- Alocasia Ninja
- Alocasia Bisma
- Alocasia Red Mambo
- Alocasia Bebula
- Alocasia Red Secret
- Alocasia Tiny Dancer
- Alocasia Stingray
- Alocasia Jaclyn
- Alocasia Brancifolia
- Alocasia Cucullata Yellow
- Alocasia Sanderiana Nobilis
- Alocasia Cucuyatta Green
- Alocasia Loco
- Alocasia Mirror Face

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