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4"/6" Aglaonema Spring Snow 'Snow White'

4"/6" Aglaonema Spring Snow 'Snow White'

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Aglaonema Snow White features distinctive green foliage with white and yellow variegation and is known for its tolerance to many indoor conditions Very easy.
Aglaonema Snow White is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and also one of the most interesting and decorative. The green leaves are elegantly flushed with white.
This plant will thrive in medium to low light.

Plant Care:
Lighting: Avoid direct sunlight
Watering: Watering is done when the planting medium looks dry, it may only need to be watered 1x/day or every 2-3 days
Cleaning: Clean plant leaves from dust and stains with clean water.
Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month)

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