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If you're looking to spice up your 2" plant collection, our medium package BECOOL may be just what you need. This package includes rare and exotic plants that are a step up from our basic package. These plants are perfect for plant enthusiasts who want to add unique and hard-to-find species to their collection. Give your indoor jungle a touch of the wild with BECOOL.

This package includes the next plants:

- 2" Alocasia Azlanii Red Mambo
- 2" Alocasia Black Panther
- 2" Alocasia Cucullata Yellow
- 2" Alocasia Melo
- 2" Alocasia Mirror Face
- 2" Alocasia Ninja
- 2" Alocasia Red Secret
- 2" Alocasia Stingray
- 2" Alocasia Silver Dragon
- 2" Alocasia Silver Nebula
- 2" Philodendron Brandi
- 2" Philodendron Gloriosum
- 2" Philodendron Narrow Scape
- 2" Philodendron Pastazanum Silver
- 2" Philodendron Pink Princess
- 2" Philodendron White Princess
- 2" Philodendron White Wizard

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