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Our BEBOLD package includes a variety of plants that are hard to find elsewhere. This package offers some of the rarest, most exotic, and expensive plants available. It is perfect for those who have a deep understanding of plants and want to add unique specimens to their collection.

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This package includes the next plants:

- 2" Alocasia Brancifolia
- 2" Alocasia Jacklyn
- 2" Homalonema Camouflage
- 2" Philodendron Gergaji Golden Gator
- 2" Philodendron Ghost Mint
- 2" Philodendron Gigas
- 2" Philodendron Painted lady
- 2" Philodendron Ring of Fire
- 2" Philodendron Selloum Golden (warscewiczii aurea)
- 2" Philodendron Snow Drift
- 2" Philodendron Tortum
- 2" Philodendron Verrucosum

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