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4"/6"/Cuttings Monstera Peru

4"/6"/Cuttings Monstera Peru

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This Live Monstera PERU is a *RARE FIND*. It is one of a kind climbing vining plants with its unique thickness leaves. Monstera PERU makes it a easy house plant to have in a indoor environment, well low maintenance plants to have in your house. It does starts off slow but as it matures its vine growth habit will eventually need a stick to support. Or it can be grown on a Hanging Basket Pots.

(Plant will be shipped with some loose soil mix.)

Water level: Keep plant highly moist and with higher humidity environment.

Light Level: Shaded area. Recommend an indoor light level environment.

Tips: (Always try to keep plant on a higher humidity level).

Fertilizer: Low - Medium Rate. (Once a month)


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