Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret', commonly called the Red Jewel Alocasia, displays beautiful arrow-shaped leaves with a red metallic to deep maroon red sheen atop upright petioles. A unique tropical with a vase-shaped, clumping habit. Alocasia plants do best in warmer temperatures and high humidity.

Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' is a tender, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial cultivar from the Araceae family.

It is typically grown for the leaves, which are large, oval and have a metallic appearance, coloured dark green to red. The undersides of the leaves are a vibrant purple colour, making a striking visual display.

Also known commonly as Alocasia 'Red Secret' or Jewel Alocasia 'Red Secret'.

Frequently grown indoors as a houseplant, this plant does best when provided with ample humidity. Placement in a bathroom or kitchen, in bright but indirect light is advised, ensuring soil is a well-draining mix to prevent waterlogging to the roots.


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